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Erica and John

Last Saturday was a cold rainy morning and I woke up feeling bad for my beautiful Bride, Erica and her big plans for the day. I gad already had the pleasure of meeting Erica and John on the photo walking tour I give of Historic Charleston, Say Charleston John brought Erica on a trip here to propose to her!!! When they showed up to walk with me they were NEWLY engaged!!! So sweet!!!!

So, I was REALLY happy when they approached me about shooting their Charleston wedding at Lowndes Grove

Everything was lovely, all the details were looked after perfectly for their brunch wedding.

We really got lucky, the rain stopped just as the ceremony was about to begin and by the time the reception was ending we had BLUE SKIES!!! As one of the guests told me, only a day like this would happen on Erica’s wedding!!!

Enjoy some of the moments!!!

Sweet Moments

My favorite part of the wedding is watch. I’m good at it because I do it all the time. People watching is one of my favorite things. Just to sit at a window of a resteraunt and watch the poeple walking by and imaging what are they thinking, where are they going, who dressed them???

So, while this blog usually features sneak peaks of the couples from the portrait part of the day or their dance and private moments, I thought I would highlight some other shots over the next few blog posts, so stay tuned…

This was ONE of my favorite dancing couples in 2013 at Mike and Melissa’s Brookgreen Wedding… it was in April of last year and it ended up being unseasonably cold!! But these guys were HOT..

Two subjects dear to my heart!

So, I follow the Bitchless Bride blog a lot but I don’t often post it here because it’s often “insider” vendor humor and I would NEVER want any of my brides to think I’m judging their plans for their big day. I show up to document all the pretty people and things however the night goes. That’s what I’m good at. Keeping my eyes and ears open for all the details and making my lovely couples look fantastic.

Having said that I read her blog today and I have SO seen things like this happen. I know planners who are extremely rigid in their timelines and some who really can feel the day and let it flow WHILE being timely and keeping things from becoming a disaster (wanna know who they are, I’ll be GLAD to tell you in private)

I also know a DJ who would NEVER aloow this to happen and always cares about the flow of the weddings he sets the mood for and I’ll say that OUTLOUD ALWAYS ROB DUREN!!!

SO, this post spoke to me today!! CLICK HERE

February 26, 2014 - 7:23 pm

Michael - So true, and so important for any level of wedding planner to establish their territory before an event begins with the subcontractors (in this case the DJ) and let them not only know the timeline, but the rules.
As a wedding planner myself, I have actually had to pull the plug on the sound system with an uncooperative DJ to get things moving along. You can bet he’s on the banned list now.
It’s so much easier when trumpets or chimes (or the USC marching band) to announce dinner, but my big booming voice will do the trick too. ;>) Another thing to remember in planning, if it’s been a long time after the ceremony before the dinner begins because of say travel or photography, please plan to have a nibble or two for the guests with that first cocktail that’s waiting for them.

One last thing, save those “unoffical” toasts until after the dessert is served, and for the sake of all of your lovely guests, please limit them to just a few people. Perhaps have a lottery due to time limitations of the rented facility and in deference to the band. After all, you paid money for the facility and the band, not to hear chatty and often drunken folk blather on and on.

That’s how to keep the wedding party and the wedding guests happy and celebrating into the night.

See this blog for my own wedding celebration and the beautiful job that Liz did in capturing that weekend in San Diego. (
Film @ 11–Michael